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Paddle Lesson FAQs

Will I get wet on a paddle board lesson?

Yes, paddle boarding is a water activity and to get on your board you will have to wade through the water and even though our boards are great for beginners and very stable there is a chance you can fall in the water, especially if its your first time paddle boarding. We recommend wearing a swim suit and sun shirt or rash guard and wearing sandals or going barefoot. Leave your phone behind unless you have a dry case for it (we have those available in our shop)

What should I bring for paddling?

Here's a short checklist of things you should bring:



Clothes that can dry quick and can get wet


Water proof camera or phone in a dry bag

Sandals or water shoes if you do not want to go barefoot

Does it require good balance?

When you first get on your paddleboard it can feel a little wobbly but if you start paddling while kneeling it helps get the hang of the board. Our guides will give you tips along the way but the better your balance the easer it will be to get the hang of it.

What happens if it rains or is too windy?

Your safety is our top priority. This is suppose to be a fun activity and no one wants to go if its pouring rain. We will look at the weather before your tour and make the best determination we can regarding the weather. If you can reschedule due to weather, great! But if you have to cancel we completely understand and issuing a refund is not a problem.

Is this a good activity for my kids?

There is a certain level of competence required to follow instruction for paddling and each person is on their own board this activity so we require participants to be 10 and up.

Can I bring my dog (or cat)?

Pets are only allowed on private lessons. To book a private lesson you can call us direct at 920-559-6106.

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