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Our Story


Cana Cove Surf Co. is a family operated surf shop located in Fish Creek, WI.  Matt and Rachel along with their two boys Magnus and Ira love the water and the waves Lake Michigan produces.  It is reflected in the t-shirts and apparel they design and the surf and standup paddle boards Matt is shaping.  They have a passion for the history and lore of Door County along with the shipwrecks scattered along the shores.  Their family has called Door County home for three generations and they look forward to raising the next to be good stewards of Lake Michigan.

Olson Family Door County

Our Shop

Cana Cove Surf Co. is the result of several years of planning and research.  We are still fine tuning our designs while trying out and testing new ones.  Its a surf shop that strives to constantly change and evolve like the lake we surf and is trying push the boundaries of surf culture in the Great Lakes.  We don't strive to be like the surf shops of the East Coast or West Coast.  We are the Great Lakes and we have our own style.  We are stoked to share it and we hope you like it too.

Our Family

Since first meeting at Camp David in Door County, WI Rachel and Matt have been fortunate enough to work and travel around the world.  Door County has always been home and when it was time to settle down there was no other place they would rather be.  The winters are long and the summers are hard work but it allows for a balance that works for Rachel and Matt.  Their son Magnus arrived in 2019 and Ira in 2021.  Occasionally the boys will grace the shop with their unending amounts of energy.  Rachel and Matt have been known to have two cats but they only seems to stop by when they're hungry.

Olson Family Door County, WI
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